You may download the eBooks listed in the HENRY MAHAN directory and use each of them individually or install all of them according to the following directions providing you access to the entire collection on your computer from one index. The result is fully bookmarked.

To install the complete library of HENRY MAHAN providing access to the entire set:

1. Download the single file named “Henry” to the “My Documents” folder (or folder of your choice) on your computer. In most cases, this file will be very large and will take an extended time if you do not have a fast access connection.

2. When the download is complete, double-click on the “Henry Mahan .zip” file.  This will unzip the file and install the library.

3.  After unzipping the file, open the “Henry Mahan” folder and double-click on “HM_index.pdf.”  You may also place a shortcut to this file on your desktop for easy access.

4.  Enjoy


For over 30 years Pastor Henry Mahan delivered a weekly television message. Each message ran for 27 minutes and was widely broadcasted in the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.

As you read these transcribed sermons, please keep in mind they were delivered to a wide-ranging television audience.  In our efforts to transcribe these sermons and put them into print we have not tried to edit them to read like written sermons. Our editing has been very minimal. 

We have personally benefited from these sermons in the past and look forward to reading them again in the future.  Pastor Mahan has a special and unique gift from the Lord to take the glorious mysteries of the gospel of Christ and put them in plain, everyday, “shirtsleeve language.”

Transcribed, edited and published by:
Zebulon Baptist Church
6088 Zebulon Highway
Pikeville, KY 41501

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