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Look Unto Me and Be Saved

Sunday, June 21st ,1987

Isaiah 45: 22

“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”


I’m going to be speaking to you today from the Book of Isaiah.  I would be most happy if you would find your Bible and take just a moment to open it to Isaiah 45.  I’m going to use several verses of Scripture.  This is a message that is unusual, different, true to the Scriptures and is going to answer some questions that I believe you have wondered about.


The title of the message is:  “LOOK UNTO ME AND BE YE SAVED.”  My text is a simple statement recorded by Isaiah the prophet in Chapter 45:22 in which the Lord said, “Look unto Me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth for I am God and there is none else.”


Before we get to this primary text, there are some important words to be considered prior to this command (and this is a command); “Look unto Me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth for I am God and there is none else.”


If you will look in your Bible at verse 17, it says; “But Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.”  Who is this Israel that shall be saved with an everlasting salvation?  God says here, “Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.” 


In another passage of Scripture it says, “And all Israel shall be saved.”  Who is this Israel?  Have you ever wondered about that?  The first time Israel is recorded in the Bible, the first time that the name is ever mentioned is in Genesis 32:28.  Do you remember that Jacob wrestled with the Lord?  He wrestled with the angel of the Lord.  This angel of the Lord is none other than Christ.


Before the Lord departed after that experience with Jacob, He asked Jacob; “What is your name?”  Jacob replied, “My name is Jacob.”  Then, the Lord said; “Your name shall no more be Jacob, but your name shall be Israel, (a prince of God).  That is the first time that the word “Israel” is recorded in the Word of God.


After that, the word “Israel” is used more than 2,500 times in the Bible.  Most of the time, as most of you know, it is a literal application.  The word “Israel” refers to the nation Israel, the typical nation, the nation of the Jews beginning with Abraham.  When the word “Israel” is used in the Bible, most of the time in its literal application it refers to the nation Israel, the typical nation.


In Israel’s spiritual application as it is used here in Isaiah 45:22 and as it is used in the New Testament when it says, “All Israel shall be saved,” in its spiritual and figurative application, the word “Israel” always refers to all true believers in Christ.  Israel in the Word of God, spiritually speaking, is the true people of God.


I can show you that.  I want you to listen to the Word of God.  In Romans 9: 6 through 8, the Scripture says; “They are not all Israel which are of Israel.”  In other words, everybody that descended from Abraham is not of Israel.  “They which are the children of the flesh are not the children of God.”  A man is not a child of God simply because he descended from Abraham or from anybody else.  “But, the children of the promise are counted for the seed.”


When we talk about Israel, naturally speaking and literally speaking, Paul is saying; “These are not all Israel that are of Israel but the Israel is the true seed, the children of the promise, the children of faith.”  Look at Romans 9:27, “Though the number of the children of Israel, (that is, the natural seed of Abraham, the nation Israel), though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant, (a small part of them), shall be saved.”  Only a small part of them are the true spiritual children of God.


In Romans 2:28, listen to this; “He is not a Jew; (He is not an Israelite) which is one outwardly,” (by natural birth, by descendents from Abraham).  “He is a Jew, and Israelite which is one inwardly.”  Circumcision is not in the flesh, it is of the heart.


What I am saying is this; every time the word “Israel” is used in the Bible in reference to those redeemed people, “All Israel shall be saved and all Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation,” is referring to the children of God, whether they are Jew or Gentile, bond or free, male or female. 


They are the children of Abraham by faith, not by being a natural descendent.  Galatians 3:7 says, “They which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.”  I am a child of Abraham because I believe God and I believe Christ.  “Ye are the children of God by faith in Jesus Christ.  If you be in Christ, then are you Abraham’s seed and you are heirs according to the promise.” Believers in Christ are the true Israel.  Do you see that? 


“They which are of faith, they are the children of Abraham.”  You are the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.  “If you be in Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed” and you are Israel, so all Israel shall be saved. 


So, Israel in the Word of God is made up of every true believer and to everyone listening to my voice.  It doesn’t matter if you are from this country or from another country.  It does not matter what nationality, your ancestry or if you are Israel, if you like Abraham, believe God.  He says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male or female but all are one in Christ.  So, all Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.”  That is what Isaiah 45 verse 17 says.


 This is no idle promise.  Every true believer, every true seed of Abraham, every true Israelite, Jew or Greek, bond or free, male or female shall be saved.  He says; in Isaiah 45:18, “Thus saith the Lord that created the heavens.”  This is the promise of the Almighty God who established all things.  He said, “I am the Lord and there is none else.”  He can do what I promised.  “None can stay My hand or say unto Me, what doest Thou?  He said in Isaiah 46, “My counsel shall stand.  I will do all My pleasure.  I have spoken it: I will bring it to pass.  I purposed it; I’ll do it.”


So, when He declares in Isaiah 45 verse 17, “All Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation,” all true believers in Christ Jesus shall certainly be heirs of the promise.  The reason that this is true is because the Lord willed it and the Lord purposed it.  God Almighty said that it would come to pass.


They said to David, “Where is your God?”  “We know where our god is.  They are idols which we have made with our own hands.”  “Where is your God,” David?  David said, “Our God’s in the heaven; He hath done whatsoever He pleased in heaven, in earth, the seas and in all deep places.  Whatsoever the Lord pleased that did He.”  That is the assurance of this promise because God said it.


God said, “All Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation because I the Lord have spoken it; (I the Lord have willed it and I the Lord have purposed it).  Beside Me there is none else.”


In Isaiah 45 verse 19, He says; “I have not spoken this in secret.”  I have not spoken this in a dark place of the earth.  This is no secret work.  Paul said to the king, “This was not done in a corner.”  God’s promise and God’s purpose in salvation, in redemption, is for all to see.  This is no secret work.  This is no hidden work.  This is not something accomplished in the corner.


Watch how throughout the Word of God it declares that this is no secret work.  First of all, when Adam was the only man who stood on this earth, when the whole human race was in his loins, God said to Adam; and He said to the whole race; “The seed of woman shall bruise the serpent’s head.”


When there was the one family, Adam and his wife, sons, daughters and whomever, the two boys by the name of Cain and Abel went out to offer a sacrifice. Cain brought the fruits of the field and the works of his own hands.  Abel brought the lamb. 


“God had respect to the lamb.” He had respect to the blood and He refused Cain’s offering.  God is saying to the whole human race at that particular time, “It is the blood that maketh atonement for the soul.”


The whole world watched the ark in preparation for 120 years.  They saw that ark which is a picture of Christ, which is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ; all who were in the ark dwelled safely.  All who were in the ark were delivered from the judgment and wrath of God.  All who were outside of the ark perished, and that is a picture of Christ in the gospel.  “He that believeth on the Son hath life.  He that believeth not the Son of God shall never see life.”  The whole world saw that.


Egypt witnessed the death of the first born.  Egypt was the most powerful nation in the world.  God demonstrated His redemptive purpose, His redemptive work and His redemptive will.  Christ Jesus, right there, in the most powerful capital of the whole world did this for all men to see.  He did not do this in secret.  He said, “I didn’t do this in a corner.”


“All Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.” Because the Lord has purposed it; He has spoken it; He willed it and He will bring it to pass.  It will not be a secret work.  The whole world is going to see how God save sinners and through whom He will save them.


He showed them that when He had them put the blood on the doorpost.  He said, “At midnight I will pass through, where there is no blood, the firstborn in every home will perish.  When I see the blood, I will pass over you.”  That took place that night and the whole world witnessed it.


Jesus Christ didn’t come secretly into this world.  God hung a star over His birthplace for all to see.  He sent angels down here upon the hillsides to announce the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ into this world.  He said, “I didn’t do this in secret.”


Those angels said to the shepherd, “Behold; we bring glad tidings of great joy.  Unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.”  God cannot come to earth in secret.  Men heard that voice and they heard the announcement of the angels.  They saw the star and the wise men come from far away in the East country.


The Gospel of God’s mercy and grace through Jesus Christ is preached everywhere in the whole world.  “There is not a language, (the Scripture says), in which His voice is not heard.”  God said, “I didn’t do this in secret.”


Look at verse 19 as you go on, it says “I didn’t say to Israel, seek Me in vain.”  God’s people do not seek Him in vain.  He said, “I the Lord speak righteousness.  I declare things that are right.”  I will tell you this; this redemptive work of Jesus Christ is known.  It is declared and it is the very expression of the heart of God, the mind of God, the council of God and it is the will of God.


The work of Jesus Christ in redemption is not only known, but it is a righteous work.  The work of Christ honors the law.  God does not save men by hook or crook.  God saves men with a righteous work.  God says, “I am a righteous God; I speak righteousness.”  He said, “I declare things that are right.”  He saves men by honoring His Law and by satisfying His justice on their behalf, in the person of His dear Son.


The work of redemption through Jesus Christ is not only known.  His work of redemption is a righteous work, a God honoring work, Law honoring work and a satisfying work where justice is concerned.  The work of Jesus Christ is a sure and certain work of God.  God said, “Therefore, all Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.”


This is not just a bare invitation; this is a proclamation.  This is not a bare invitation it is a declaration.  God said, “I have spoken it and I will bring it to pass.”


Then, He sounds a warning to those who set up false gods (look at verse 20).  He says, “They have no knowledge.  They are ignorant who set up false gods, who worship idols and graven images; they have no knowledge.”  He said, “They have no knowledge who pray to a god who cannot save.”  A god who cannot save is an impotent god.  A god who cannot save is a powerless god.  A god who cannot save is a god who cannot do his own will, who cannot accomplish his purpose.


As I read those words and as I express those thoughts, I think of today’s religion.  I think of today’s preachers.  I think of today’s televangelists who talk about God wanting to do this but He can’t unless you let Him.  I think about them saying that God is willing to do this and God trying to do that.  What kind of God is this?  


He said, “They have no knowledge that set up idols and graven images.  They have no knowledge who pray to a God who cannot save.”  Can your God save?  People think that He can’t unless we let Him.  If you think that, He can’t save.


Can your God accomplish His purpose?  They say, “Not without our will.”  Then, He can’t accomplish His purpose and He is an impotent God.  How foolish it is to make our own gods.  How foolish it is to deny the living, almighty, sovereign, eternal, omnipotent, God of heaven and earth and try to replace Him with a god of our own imagination.  “They have no knowledge,” He said.


The Lord God, in verse 21, again identifies Himself.  He keeps saying, “I declare the end from the beginning, from ancient times, the things that are not yet done.”  God said, “Who hath declared this?  Who hath announced this from ancient times?  Who hath declared what shall come to pass?”


Who can prophesy a cross (Christ crucified) unless he has the power to erect one and bring it to pass?  Who can prophesy and foretell that all Israel shall be saved, unless he has the power to save?  Who can declare, “My will shall be done; My purpose shall be accomplished” except a sovereign, almighty God?  Who can accomplish that will and purpose!


“Known unto God are all His works from the beginning.”  That is the living God.  “Doth God know?  Is anything too hard for God?”  He said, “I declare the end from the beginning.”  He said, “There is no God beside Me.”


You know, men foolishly try to defend all religions.  They say, “All religions are all right; just live and let live, preacher.”  They think that all cults, sects and religions are all right.  They think that they are all going to the same place and that we are just traveling different roads.


Wait a minute!  A man is without understanding who talks that way.  God says, “There is no God beside Me.”  There is no salvation beside Mine; there is no Redeemer beside My Son.  “Eternal life is to know the true God, the living God and Jesus Christ who He hath sent.  There is no God beside Me.”  He says that two or three times in this passage of Scripture; “There is no God.”


“I’m a Just God and a Saviour.”  A God without perfect holiness is no God.  A God without a perfect law and righteousness is no God.  A God who is not just and does not punish sin is no God.  A God who has no wrath for the ungodly is no God.


He said, “I am a Saviour.”  That is true, but “I am a just God and a Saviour.”  “Yes, I am a merciful, gracious Saviour, but I am a just, holy and righteous God.  Any saving that I do must be consistent with My holiness and justice and righteousness.”


So, the Lord declares; “I am a Saviour.”  That is why all Israel shall be saved.  The reason is because He is the Saviour.  All Israel shall be saved righteously and in a holy manner consistent with His justice by the blood of His precious Son.


But, they shall be saved the only way that a just, righteous God can save and that is to honor His Law.  Who is going to honor His Law?  You’re not and I’m not.  His perfect Son did honor His Law.  “He was tempted in all points, yet without sin.”


God will save in a way that will satisfy His Justice.  By the obedience of Christ and the death of Christ and in the sinner’s room and stead.  Galatians 4: 4 and 5 says,  “In the fullness of time, when the fullness of the time was come, God sent His Son into the world made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them born under the Law.”


Romans 5:19 says, “By the disobedience of Adam, the many were made sinners, so, by the obedience of Christ shall the many be made righteous.”  God says; “I am a Just God and a Saviour.”  1 Peter 3:18 says, “Christ once suffered for sins, the Just for the unjust that He might bring us to God.”  Romans 5:10 says, “We were reconciled to God by the death of His Son.”  2 Corinthians 5:21 says, “He who knew no sin was made sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” 


“All Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.”  God said, “I purposed it; I willed it.”  It is no secret work.  It wasn’t done in a corner and it wasn’t announced in secret places; it was done openly before heaven and earth and hell.  It was an accomplished work.  That God who is a Saviour is a Just God.


Then comes the great command.  I will now get to my text, “Therefore, look unto Me.”  All Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation because “I have purposed it,” God said.  He said, “I have spoken it; I will bring it to pass, openly before My throne of grace and righteousness and before the open jaws of hell, I will satisfy My justice and honor My Law.”


 It will come to pass and it will be in such a way that men won’t sneak into heaven; they won’t get there by the skin of their teeth.  They won’t be brought to the back door and sneaked in.  They will be brought in triumphantly and victoriously in Christ.  That’s right! 


“Therefore, you look to Me; I am God.  Look to Me, all the ends of the earth.”  I’m talking about every son of Adam who has a need, who has a thirst and who has a sin.  “Look to Me and be ye saved, for I am God and there is none else.”


You know, the Lord gives us an illustration.  I want you to stay with me a moment.  The Lord gives us an illustration in the Book of Numbers.  The Jews had murmured against God and the Lord had judged them and sent fiery serpents among them. 


There were people dying (many of them).  Moses went to God and said, “Lord, help us; show mercy.”  They Lord said, “Moses; make a serpent of brass, in the likeness of the serpents that had bitten the people.  Put it on a pole and then command the people to look and live.”


They did look.  Those that were bitten did look and they lived.  I notice several things about that story.  First of all, they were not told to look to Moses; they were told to look to the serpent.  Looking to the preacher, the prophet and the priest is not going to help you.  You are going to have to look to Christ.


You see, our Lord came down here and was made in the likeness of sin.  What had bitten us?  What was destroying us?  What condemned us? It was our sins.  He was made in the likeness of sin and was lifted up on a cross.  “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of man be lifted up that whosoever believeth in Him hath eternal life.”  Look to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.


It was just like when the Israelites were in the wilderness, the Scripture says; “Look to the brazen serpent.”  You look to Christ, not to Moses, not to me and not to the priest or preacher.  Don’t look to the evangelist.


These people were not told to help others who were bitten and their good works would save them.  No, “Look to the serpent.”  They were not told to fight the serpents and to clean up the camp.  You might say, “Let’s get rid of all of these serpents and the sin in America and then we will all be saved.”  No, we are not going to get rid of sin until he kills every human being.  You have to look to Christ.


They were not told to wear an image of the pole or a serpent around their neck.  Can you just imagine those people?  Can you imagine one getting a piece of gold and whittling out an ornament and putting it around his neck or her neck?  You might say, “There is the serpent and there is the pole.”  There was the snake bit too!  There was death.  Look to the Lord Jesus.  Don’t wear His cross around your neck; look to Christ. 


They were not told to bring an offering to the serpent.  They were not told to go to a room and talk to a counselor.  People will tell you, “The thing for you to do if you are a sinner and you need salvation, is to go to the room and talk to the counselor or call on the phone.”  They will say, “We have counselors standing by to help you.”  


They can’t help you; they can’t help themselves.  You need to look to Christ.  You need to get everybody out between you and Christ and get to Christ.  That’s right; get to the Lord Jesus Christ.


They weren’t told to pray a certain prayer.  Praying wasn’t going to help them then.  They had to look at the serpent; they have to look at the Saviour and look to one who can deliver them.  He has to heal them.  They were told to look.


Can you do that?  Just believe God.  This is the good news of the Gospel; all Israel, all true believers of all nationalities, all ages and all backgrounds shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.   All who believe God, all who can believe Christ and all who can receive Him shall be saved with an everlasting salvation. 


God said, “I have purposed it; I didn’t do it in a corner;” (I did it on a cross for the whole world to see).  It will come to pass.  I did it in such a way that I am a Just God and a Saviour.  You look to Me.” 


Get all these people out from around you, in front of you and before you and between you and God.  “Don’t bother me; just let me get to Christ.”  Look to Him in the Covenant of Mercy as the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” 


You look to Christ who came in the flesh and obeyed God’s Law.  You look to Christ who died on the cross and put away our sin.  You look to Christ who rose from the dead and ascended to glory.  You look to Christ who sat down at the right hand of God as our only Mediator.  You look to Christ, “Who will come again to receive you unto Himself, that where He is there, you may be also.”   Who should look?  “All the ends of the earth, for I am God and there is none else.”


The disciples said, “Well; show us the Father.”  Christ said, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.” 


You need this message and some friends of yours need this message, “Look unto Me and be ye saved.”